Terms and Conditions

I give permission for the Participant to attend the Modbury Stake YW Camp at Parra Wirra Conservation Park on 19-20 April 2024. I have reviewed the Participant's registration details and verify they are correct and that all medical/health conditions have been fully disclosed. I give permission for the adult leaders supervising this event to administer emergency treatment to the Participant for any accident or illness and to act in my stead in approving necessary medical care, and to administer prescription medication to be taken by the Participant if required. This authorisation shall cover this event and travel to and from this event. Parents and participant's should understand that participation in an activity is not a right but a privilege and that can be revoked if the participants behave inappropriately or if they pose a risk to themselves or others. This information is collected to help event and activity leaders or medical personal so they can be prepared and appropriately respond to health concerns or an emergency. It will be kept confidential and shared only as needed.